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Wire Portraits

Class: Space + Materiality

Professor: Shari Men

In this project, we traced our blind contour drawings by using different thicknesses of wires. It was our first approach to the wires as well as three-dimensional sculptures. The making of this piece was somewhat less of a mess for me, where the wires didn’t break when I was making it, and I worked against each turn that the wire had initially been to maintain a flat surface. The drawing that I had chosen had many small details in the hair and the eyes; therefore, it was a challenging phase for me when I was creating those angled sharp edges and layering each on top of another. In the end, it turned out similar to the drawing that I initially drew and that the density of the wires on the top for the hair sets a contrast with the thickness of wires in the bottom of the clothing and neck area. Overall, I think that the process of this project is delightful and that I learned many things from the new experiences of using different wires.

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