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Class: Space + Materiality

Professor: Shari Men

We are told to connect how we felt during our first semester with a mobility device in this project. I chose to make a shoe that represents how I felt for my first semester. The shoe is composed of two parts; first, the base is made with green plants and flowers that represent the ground, and where the shoe is, it’s above the clouds made of cotton. At the beginning of the semester, I felt as if I was floating on0 the streets where the only places I’ve been were my dorm and the classroom. Everything still felt like a dream. Then, towards the end of the semester, I finally felt that I was feeling the touch of the ground and began settling down.

The process of making the shoe was much smoother than I imagined. And I think it is possible because of the experience I had with the woodshop and am no longer unfamiliar with it. The only issue was that when drilling into the wood, some of the parts started to crack. But after adjusting to this issue, the wood didn’t crack again, which was nice.

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