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Yúnyún, a vase developed by creating a three-dimensional form based on traditional cloud patterns. Through 3D computer modeling and 3D printing, it has developed a form that has fine proportions and is fun to use. 

Yúnyún is a product that can sit happily on coffee and side tables by allocating two holes on the top (one big and one small) to play with different flowers and leaves. In this way, the user can create playful and unique flower compositions.

yúnyún 芸芸


Yúnyún comes from the common two-dimensional cloud motifs in Chinese culture, representing good luck.

However, these motifs normally exist in two-dimensional drawings.  Therefore, yúnyún became an experimental project that evolved from a two-dimensional drawing into a three-dimensional object that eventually became a shelf product. 


something old but new


Cloud, composed of water that originated from the sea and is blown inland to release its content and many living forms, is reflected in this product. Yúnyún is a container for water in which the flower can bloom. And by playing with the color variations, the sunset glow in the evening, when the sunlight begins to set under the clouds and light them up from below, creates a magnificent glow to the two-toned landscape of clouds.

Yúnyún is named after the character "芸." This character is composed of two parts; the upper is written "cǎo," representing grass. The lower part is written "yún," which means cloud. Together it makes the flower that grows from the cloud.

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