Wired Objects

Class: Space + Materiality

Professor: Shari Men

In this project, we are told to bring an actual object to draw an orthographic drawing on. The object that I’ve carried with me was a folded umbrella. It sounded hard at first, but when I approached it later on with the drawings, geometrical shapes came naturally to me in my head. Then it was easier for me to create the base of the structure and the main structure inside to hold the umbrella together. However, when I approached the film that covered the umbrella, I debated whether or not I should keep it as it is or try something new. After a quick discussion, I’ve decided to make the contrasting texture created with the wires. It was the texture of the main structure and the flimsy material used for the umbrella cover. I took the approach of wrapping the main form of wire lines in the motion of how it is folded. The outcome was astonishingly satisfying. Overall it was challenging due to the structure of the actual object, but compared to the wire portraits, I feel like I had better control of the wires, so it was easier for me to shape it out.