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wood prints on Chinese paper with Chinese ink

This piece represents the journey of humanity. It is a piece created by printmaking, and with the traditional printmaking technique, carvings are made on a piece of wood and used to create this countryside scene located in China. It also challenges the traditional idea of creating identical prints by only using one piece of material and only print once. This process mimics the process of how we use our resources. Representing the resources, each time, I carve a little from one piece of wood and then create a print with it, which means the good or outcome we manufacture. And thinking that we have enough, we take a little each time until the end. What was left was just the wood scrapes from all the carvings we did, and what we end up creating is a blank piece of paper.  



acrylics on canvas

The four acrylic paintings illustrate the story of a little girl who is on an adventure to find a place where she belongs. This story is inspired by my own journey, a personal story about finding my own identity and accepting my own differences. 



mix media 

An experimental abstract piece was created based on my horseback riding experience. It is various emotions expressed through art throughout my riding journey. 

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