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clay, spraypaint, metal wire, paper

At times I find myself having trouble expressing my emotions and thoughts, and peer pressure in the school environment further challenged me to overcome this difficulty. Therefore, this clay sculpture is dedicated to those like me and a way for me to communicate with others about this issue that many students face. 



laser cut plastic

This installation shows the changing meaning of a Chinese character throughout time. The chosen character is "鬼" translated to "ghost," which means evil spirits in the modern definition. Yet, after some research, this character's original meaning represents people who practice magic and supernatural powers. To show the process of changing meaning, the composition of this installation is a cylinder-shaped space where different forms of this character rise from the ground and to the top. The audience can also gain a different experience by going into the center of this installation surrounding themselves with the magical characters.

The Begining


Plaster face masks, LED lights, metal wires

Named "The Begining," this sculpture uses many already-made materials, such as masks and LED lights, to create the layering effect inspired by blooming flowers. This sculpture piece explores the theme of "identity" from the perspective of being an outsider. Many people use "masks" to cover themselves as self-protection, but others may easily believe that such doings are a terrible habit. But being one myself, I wish that this misunderstanding could be resolved by using the LED lights to represent the good that is covered by the black-colored masks. The initial idea for this project is that it is a moving sculpture where the masks can open and closes in a rhythmic pattern and that through the eyes of this sculpture, you see a stream of light shining out. This blooming effect not only adds to its aesthetics but also the meaning behind it.



mix media

The design of the lion dances has always scared me as a child. And with an opportunity to remake something, I used different media and created this colorful sculpture. 



matches, fishing strings

Fireworks are a big part of Chinese culture. We use it to celebrate the new year, weddings, and an opening of a business. Yet, due to pollution, fireworks have been banned in many cities in China, including Beijing. During the Chinese New Year, without fireworks is a big difference for many of the people who grew up here. The town became quieter, and like many other individuals, I began to miss the past years, accompanied by fireworks sounds. To express my longing for this Chinese tradition, I created this interactive sculpture with matches. The audience can go up to this sculpture, and with the use of flashlights, the shadows of this piece get projected onto the wall and create firework-like images. 



CATS is an interactive project that explores the different characteristics an individual can hold. With the subject, a white cat, people can customize their cat with any medium according to what they imagine this cat sculpture in holding. 100 plaster copies of this cat sculpture are created in this project and many to come. 

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